Xiaomi products on the shelf a fingerprint encryption SSD: 500GB start fast

Often update data, it is easy to lose or restore backup?Not encrypting information, worry about privacy/secret trade leakage?Too much data, too slow to copy the U disk?Memory of the phone/mail computer is too small to save and save the files?On May 13, Xiaomi Youpin started a solid state created disk for fingerprints and a password that supports double fingerprint encryption. Computers and public phones can be backed up. Today, the crowdfunding officially started. The original price of the 500GB version is 699 yuan and the crowdfunding price is 529 yuan; The original price of 1TB version 1199 yuan, and the financing price of the population 899 yuan.

It accepts raw goods + ESA-256 software double bits National standard encryption, which can provide global protection for data and can be broken unnecessarily.After activation of automatic backups, no operation is required for each connection, The hard drive accepts a high-speed USB interface of type C, Connected to the computer’s type C USB high speed interface. Maximum reading value 540MB / s can be reached and maximum writing value 500MB / s can be reached, equivalent to 4-5 times the hard drive.

According to the official priority, SSD accepts metro encryption with the Yangtze River storage scheme and NAND flash design, so it is not easy to lose data i n case of lack of power. The overall technique is sensitive, the height is slim and thick, like a scratch, like a shock and like a compression,can’t hurt it.

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