Vivo TWS 2 true wireless headphones are officially on sale! Support three noise reduction modes

On May 20, 2021, the vivo TWS 2 true wireless headset featuring “good sound quality and quiet listening” was officially released, priced at 499 yuan. As vivo’s first true wireless headset with active noise reduction, vivo TWS 2 not only provides professional sound quality, but also provides a noise reduction depth of up to 40dB, and supports intelligent dynamic noise reduction, so that the noise reduction function of vivo TWS 2 has Intelligent performance like “automatic transmission”. Not only that, vivo TWS 2 can also provide users with a better wireless experience, such as long-lasting battery life, faster and more stable connections, and smarter control. These selling points have once again refreshed the new height of true wireless headset experience.

Vivo TWS 2

vivo TWS 2 can capture noise inside and outside the ear canal within milliseconds, and achieve 40dB deep noise reduction through reverse sound waves. This noise reduction headset has three noise reduction modes for free switching, including deep noise reduction, conventional noise reduction, light noise reduction, and a more transparent mode, which allows the sound to enter the ear naturally, and there is no need to take off the headset when talking with people .

Vivo TWS 2

At the press conference, the vivo TWS 2e was also released together with the vivo TWS 2. In addition to providing users with beautiful sound quality, the vivo TWS 2e also supports functions such as strong battery life, multi-device dual connection, low game latency, ultra-light and non-sense wear. In terms of price, the vivo TWS 2e is more friendly to the people, at only 299 yuan.

Vivo TWS 2

In terms of sound quality, the vivo TWS 2 uses a 12.2mm ultra-large moving coil unit and a bio-carbon fiber composite diaphragm. The low-frequency volume is full and the intermediate frequency is clear and bright. With the support of the ultra-definition audio engine, vivo TWS 2 uses high-bandwidth technology and high-definition audio decoding to increase the transmission bandwidth of traditional Bluetooth headsets by up to 100%. There is also a DeepX 2.0 stereo system with built-in three different music styles. After a lot of listening and debugging, it presents a natural sound effect to users.

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