The high-end flagship of Xiaomi, flipbugs pro, launched its official website today at 799 yuan

On May 13, Xiaomi officially announced that its noise reduction heading, flipbugs pro, will become a high-level heading of the Xiaomi site.Since the press, the Xiaomi flippbugs Pro heading has not been officially released, but the official 799 yuan price website has been announced.

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro is equipped with an independent noise reduction chip, which produces the maximum reduced effect of a deep 40dB noise, and can prevent up to 99% of the user’s background noise. At the same time, this chapter also supports a three-way noise reduction mode, so that you can enjoy quiet at any time and anywhere.

In terms of sound quality performance, Xiaomi flipbugs Pro has introduced an additional 11 mm dynamic speaker, accepts the sound unit with a high elastic diaphragm back and central support design, has a strong balance in the voice to voice response system, and sound control is sounding and powering.

At the same time, Xiaomi Sound Worker has professionally adapted this heading.According to the stage of reform of the human HRTF study level, referring to the impact of one, the other auricles an d the other actors on sound, The natural parameters are fine-tuned and sound quality compensated so that the earphone can achieve a more fine sound quality and restore the natural quality of music.

The battery of Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro is also very durable. When the ANC is closed, it can be used for up to seven hours, and the overall time can reach 28 hours. After the ANC is turned on, it can be used for five hours, or 22 hours as a whole. In addition, this headset can also be charged quickly, charging for five minutes can listen to two hours of songs, using the charging box charging for 35 minutes can be fully charged. Moreover, the charging box also supports the standard of Qi wireless charging and is compatible with charging of various devices.

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