ROIDMI EVE PLUS, why is it so popular?

Roidmi sweeping robot EVE Plus, the whole machine is equipped with a new generation of super-sensing LDS lidar, which can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw a map through the SLAM algorithm, and complete the automatic planning of the global route through the layer memory. Intelligent automatic recognition, not only can automatically save the map partitions, but also merge and name the partitions, and realize the cleaning in the preset order or the scheduled cleaning of the designated room, which can be said to be extremely user-friendly.

For the sweeping robot, the handling of dust is the most troublesome, accidentally causing secondary pollution, so Roidmi EVE Plus is also designed to have a cleaning station that can automatically collect and charge the dust, and automatically empty after cleaning. The dust box is full of dust and can be automatically packed. It is equipped with a 3L dust bag, which does not leak when automatically packing. Roidmi also added ozone antibacterial and deodorizing technology to the dust bag treatment, which can effectively avoid dirty hands and garbage. Stink and other issues.

Roidmi EVE Plus, as a product that is sold particularly well on Xiaomi Youpin, can naturally also be linked through the Mijia APP or through the Roidmi’s own APP. You can remotely control it to complete, schedule cleaning, scheduled cleaning, and specify Area cleaning, even if people are not at home, it can be cleaned in real time. — Leading supplier of Xiaomi ecosystem products!

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