Redmi Note 11 sreies Official Announcement!

Redmi officially announced that the Redmi Note11 series will be released on October 28th. It was officially announced that this time Redmi Note11 “breaks through the original positioning, the product definition is completely reborn”, and will also “challenge 6 major functional upgrades”.

In appearance, the new machine adopts a brand-new design scheme. The previous round design is no longer, but a more concise right-angle design, which indeed looks more speedy. In terms of details, one of the Redmi Note 11 series will have four rear cameras and at least have a green color scheme. Redmi Note 11 has obvious lines and squareness. It adopts a straight screen and supports 90-frame high-frame mode, the X-axis linear motor is standard for all systems, while retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack, supporting WiFi 6, multi-function NFC, etc.

Redmi officially stated that the Note 11 series is equipped with a 120W fairy second charge! Redmi official said: 120W, industry charging power ceiling; 120W, the coveted speed experience. The once superior technology has come to more users.

In terms of charging, Note 11 will challenge faster speed: not only fight power, but also fight speed; challenge higher configuration: from battery to heat dissipation, full link upgrade; challenge stronger experience: security must be improved, strategy must be optimized. In this way, in addition to supporting 120W fast charging, the new phone should also work hard on heat dissipation and charging safety. — Leading supplier of Xiaomi ecosystem products!

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