QCY T17 Youth Buds, the latest choice of affordable earphones

With the continuous development of technology, major TWS headsets have sprung up in recent years. There have been both Apple headsets worth 2,000 yuan and 9.9 yuan free copy headsets. However, at the price of one hundred yuan, there are still many high-quality headsets that are very cost-effective. For example, the QCY T17 Bluetooth headset is a good one that has no obvious shortcomings, but has excellent performance in terms of battery life and delay.

The T17 Youth Buds launched by QCY, which has always insisted on the price-performance ratio, perfectly integrates ENC noise reduction and cost-effectiveness, so that the student party can also enjoy the cleanness brought by noise reduction headphones.

QCY comes with earphones in three sizes: S/M/L. You can change the earplugs several times to find the one that is more comfortable. It is the most suitable if it fits well without swelling and pain. Attentive friends can see the stylish ear top bulge specially designed on the upper side of the earphone. It can be seen that the bulge is just against the outer auricle, even when exercising.

QCY T17 Bluetooth headset does not use micro usb charging like other cheap headsets. It supports Type-C fast charging. A full charge can guarantee 26 hours of uninterrupted use. This battery life is definitely the leader at the same price.

The headset supports master-slave switching, adopts dual-channel transmission of left and right earphones, and the function of master-slave switching at will. Black technology. That is to say, the left and right earphones are independent of each other, which solves the cumbersome problem of switching between the main and the right side of the single and double ear transmission from the left to the right, which is common in other true wireless earphones. The two earphones have built-in independent chips, regardless of the main and auxiliary earphones. You can use whichever earphone you want to use. Single and dual ear modes can be quickly switched.

Of course, due to cost constraints, this headset has a mediocre performance in terms of water resistance. It can only be slightly sweat-proof. If it is rainy, remember to put the headset away. But the flaws are not concealed, this QCY T17 earphone, can be called the light of TWS earphone parity, it is still very worth buying.


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