SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop

Model: SWDK – D260
Accessories Types: Dustbin,Invisible Wall,Mopping Pad,Remote Controller,Rolling Brush,Side Brush,Water Tank
Cleaner Types: Vacuum Cleaner
Type: Handheld

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Wireless Handheld Electric Mop

SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop

Reciprocating mopping
Powerful mopping pad
Effortless operation
Long time endurance
Mop the floor easily without stoop, enjoy the pleasant time
Who says that you have to stoop arduously and sweat profusely while mopping the floor? From now, leave this tough matter to the mopping machine. You just need to take a walk in the room, and the electric mop makes your floor clear and free of dirt
SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop
High-frequency reciprocating movement delivers complete cleaning effect
Adopting the patented design, the electric mop simulates the hand mopping The powerful motor runs rapidly, and drives the outside active plate, so that he mopping frequency is up to 1000 times/min. There is no redundant power consumption during operation, which reduces the unnecessary vibration to control the noise at the low level of 68d
SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop
Easy operation, open the new era of floor mopping
The compact design fits for the room corner streamline. Simply press the grip to open the led light on the host to illuminate the dirt and stains on the floor. The sprayer can spray the fanned mist to wet the floor. Spray, mop, and dry quickly without any water stain. The spray distance doesnt exceed 10cm, which will not splash your furnitureSWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop
One-hand operation mop the floor effortlessly
Press the button to open the mop and spray water, easy to use Effortless handheld operation, no need to stoop, just take a walk, and the floor becomes clear and stain-free
SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop
Powerful mopping pad, easy to tackle all kinds of stains
​The mop pad is made of high-quality material, and can deal with kitchen oil stain, foot print, juice residue and other stains. Otherwise, the villous terry serging can whirl away the disturbing hairs. The mop pad will not shed or damage the delicate floor surface under the powerful operation
SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop

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SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop
SWDK D260 Handheld Electric Mop
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