• Cleaning mode: Sweep & vacuum & mop
  • Navigation mode: LDS SLAM

  • APP: Virtual no-go zones
  • Automatic partition: √
  • Where to clean: √
  • APP interconnection: √
  • Dust collection station: √
  • Touch screen: √
  • Smart interconnected:Google Assistant/ Alexa/ ROIDMI APP/ Mi Home APP
  • Warm tips: Please update ROIDMI APP and MI HOME APP to the latest version to better switch to the native language (Support Mult Language)

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A robot vacuum cleaner that takes the garbage out by itself

1. Smart dust collection brings hands-free experience; 2. Smart dust collection brings hands-free experience; 3. 2-in-1 vacuum and mop for double cleaning; 4. Mobile app for smart control.

Rear suction dust collector.–Lower noise and higher so dust collection efficiency

ROIDMI’s rear suction dust collector is equipped with a more streamlined dust collection air duct, and the dust collection port is seamlessly connected to the dust collector which brings lower noise and higher dust collection efficiency. Dust is automatically bagged after entering the dust collector, and deodorizing ions prevent mold and odors.

379mm ultra-short air duct & 750mm long air duct

379mm ultra-short air duct: ROIDMI’s rear suction dust collector, Seamless dust collection, not prone to blockages. 750mm long air duct: Traditional bottom suction dust collector, Longer air duct, slower dust collection, more prone to blockages.

New generation smart dust collector: Hands-free, dust-free

Large capacity dust bag, automatic bagging without leakage. Go out for a long vacation without concern, and return to a dust-free home.


3L large capacity dust bag: Change the disposable dust bag once a month, no touching of dust or dirt. *Traditional dust box cleaning brings inhalation risk. Smart touch screen: One-touch dust collection, which is easy to control; reminds you when the bag is full so you never have to worry about exceeding the bag’s capacity. *Traditional dust collectors without full dust reminder adds the element of uncertainty while cleaning. Anti-bacterial and anti-odor deodorizing ions: Dirt in the dust bag will remain free of mold and odors even after a month. *Dirt collected in traditional dust collection stations easily breeds bacteria and emits odors.

Smart navigation system.

Smart all-scenario planning

New generation LDS super-sensing laser radar

Smart and precise scanning and mapping

Smart area management, Cleaning plan for the entire house, Customize your cleaning plan

With automatic AI recognition, you can demarcate and save different areas automatically, demarcate forbidden areas, and schedule cleaning. For duplex buildings, separate maps can be saved for each floor. The settings are automatically matched and switched when switching floors.

Set the room cleaning order

Set the cleaning order, clean the entire house room by room; Area cleaning: Designate areas for deep cleaning; Set virtual no-go zones: No cleaning in designated forbidden areas; Merge/split rooms: Smart area operations; Name rooms: Customize room names.

Smart resume after charging, Pick up from where it was

Hassle-free cleaning. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the dust collection station to charge when its battery is low. Once it has enough battery power, it will automatically resume cleaning from where it was. Charged and ready to resume working. Low battery, automatically returns to charge.

Smart environmental sensing capabilities

Easily avoids obstacles

Comprehensive coverage with multiple sensor types.Upgraded environmental sensing capabilities

Anti-jam & Anti-fall & Whole house sensing capabilities

Quickly senses obstacles

Automatically avoids obstacles

Smart judgement of bed and cabinet heights, so you never have to worry about it getting stuck

Bed and cabinet heights are judged by the LDS pressure sensor so the robot vacuum cleaner knows which places are off-limits.

Capable of crossing thresholds up to 2cm, doorway thresholds and door strips are no obstacles

By intelligently measuring height differences, the robot vacuum cleaner can easily cross thresholds up to 2cm.

2-in-1 vacuum and mop, all your needs in one device

Hurricane-level suction power, deep cleaning of dirt in crevices

Easily clean dirt from the ground and suck out dirt from the depths of floor gaps with the higher-performance digital brushless motor, air duct technology and 2700Pa suction power.

Clean along walls and edges in a straight line, no corners left behind

The TOF wall tracking sensor can identify walls, and the side brush rotations are automatically adjusted along walls and edges, leaving no corners uncleaned.

250ml smart electronically-controlled large water tank, for 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping

The micro-control chip in the new smart micro-control water tank ensures uniform water output, so that the mop is always kept at optimal moisture, and is capable of mopping a 250m² area at one go.

3 water output modes, clean 250m² at one go

One device for all your cleaning needs – set different water output modes based on different floor surfaces and cleaning requirements. Small water volume: Suitable for living room tiles to reduce slide minimize fall risks; Medium water volume: Suitable for bedroom and study room floors; Large water volume: Suitable for oily and dirty tiles in kitchens.

5200mAh large capacity battery, Clean 250m² at one go

The ROIDMI robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5200mAh large-capacity battery and an intelligent BMS battery management system. It has a battery life of up to 250 minutes and can clean a 250m² area on a single charge.

Smart app connection, Smart cleaning for all scenarios

Smart connection to Alexa. Enjoy a smart cleaning experience anytime, anywhere

OTA firmware upgrade. Constantly updated algorithm

Frequent push OTA firmware upgrades, and constant algorithm and function updates to optimize and upgrade the user experience and to make the robot vacuum cleaner smarter. * The app interface will be updated frequently. The interface shown is for reference only.

More thoughtful details

Floating roller brush that hugs closer to the ground; Detailed textured design, Exquisite materials.

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