OnePlus Buds Pro, You Deserve It!

OnePlus Buds Pro, it fills the flagship vacancy of OnePlus in the field of acoustics, with active noise reduction depth of 40dB, support for LDHC, and up to 38 hours of battery life. It also makes it a new benchmark for OnePlus in the field of acoustics.

According to the official data, OnePlus Buds Pro supports 40dB intelligent active noise reduction, which is the noise reduction level of the first echelon of true wireless headsets, and it has almost reached the peak of active noise reduction.

To this end, OnePlus has added “Smart Noise Reduction” to OnePlus Buds Pro. When the intelligent noise reduction is turned on, the microphone of the headset can always monitor the external environmental noise and change the noise reduction scheme according to the venue. When we are in a quiet library, OnePlus Buds Pro will use weak noise reduction, and when it comes to the bus and subway, it will automatically strengthen the noise reduction ability. To make noise reduction “senseless”, all tasks are done by the headset for us. This is the unique feature of OnePlus Buds Pro.

In addition to active noise reduction when playing music, OnePlus Buds Pro also uses a three-microphone design to reduce the interference of environmental noise during calls. In noisy environments such as buses, subways, bustling streets, or shopping malls, the three microphones with chips and AI algorithms can accurately pick up and amplify and enhance human voices, making voice calls clearer and without interference, and the call effect will be further improved.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus Buds Pro also uses a “dual damping independent rear cavity design”, the official said that the design can suppress excessive sound standing waves. In other words, this design can suppress mutual interference when sound waves propagate in the earphone, making the sound quality cleaner and more transparent.

After improving the capabilities of the hardware level, the next step is to break the limitations of Bluetooth audio transmission. OnePlus Buds Pro supports LHDC technology for the first time, it supports the transmission of higher-resolution audio, the highest data transmission rate is nearly 3 times that of conventional SBC encoders. The high transmission rate also means that there is no need for compression when playing audio, and the details of the music can be retained to the greatest extent when listening to some lossless music, and the sound quality is more delicate and rich.

It is the best companion for OnePlus phones As a true wireless headset developed by OnePlus, OnePlus Buds Pro also has the most seamless connection and experience with its own mobile phone. The moment the OnePlus Buds Pro is turned on, the phone interface will automatically pop up the window to complete the pairing with one click, and then take out the earphones to enjoy the music. — Leading supplier of Xiaomi ecosystem products

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