Mijia tire inflator 1S released: speed and air volume increase, tire pressure accuracy doubled

Two years ago, Xiaomi launched an tire inflator with a built-in lithium battery that supports digital tire pressure detection. The preset pressure will stop after charging. The price is 199 yuan.

Today, the newly upgraded Mijia tire inflator 1S is officially released. There is no increase in the price. The price is also 199 yuan. It is currently on sale. The new product optimizes the performance of the movement, and the full-charged endurance is increased by about 45.4%. It can fill 2 car tires with zero air pressure in about 11 minutes, or inflate 8 car tires with insufficient air pressure (previously 5.5) . The fuselage uses a high-precision alloy die-cast cylinder block, and it takes only 20 seconds to pressurize from Opsi to 150psi, which can meet the high air pressure required by mountain bike air, pressure shock absorber and road bike tires.

At the same time, Mijia tire inflator 1S has been upgraded to an air pressure sensor with a digital chip, and the tire pressure detection accuracy has been increased to 1 psi, with a smaller error. There is no need to repeatedly check whether it is full. Mijia tire inflator 1S presets 5 kinds of inflation modes to prevent over-inflation, which is safe and worry-free. Specifically, it is free mode, bicycle mode, motorcycle mode, car mode, and ball mode. When the preset pressure is filled, it will stop. Set the air pressure value according to the required pressure before filling, and it will stop automatically when the filling is completed. The pressure value can be memorized, and repeated pumping does not need to be set repeatedly. It is worth mentioning that the Mijia tire inflator 1S has two built-in 2000mAh 18650 lithium batteries to provide power. No external power supply is needed for charging, and it can get rid of the entanglement of a lengthy power cord. The new product has also upgraded the Type-C charging interface, making charging more convenient.

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