Mi MIX 4, a future-oriented full-screen mobile phone

On October 25, 2016, Xiaomi launched the Mi MIX, a full-screen concept phone, opening the curtain of the era of full-screen smartphones. Mi MIX 4 is officially unveiled in the anticipation of thousands of Mi Fans!

Mi MIX 4 is equipped with the cutting-edge “CUP Full Screen” under-screen camera technology, which perfectly hides the front camera under the screen, without the visual obstacles of digging holes and water droplets, and the front is full of a complete screen.

The Mi MIX 4 continues the MIX series’ exploration of ceramic craftsmanship, using the industry’s unique Unibody full ceramic body, which has a warm and moist texture like jade, a 30% weight reduction, and the overall body has no seams. It also has a brand-new color palette of celadon, inspired by Song Dynasty celadon, with an elegant texture that looks like a work of art in your hand.

As the first domestic mobile phone to support UWB function, Mi MIX 4 achieves centimeter-level precise spatial positioning, making the connection between the mobile phone and AIoT smart devices safer and more accurate, and it is easy to select a finger-to-connect partner to achieve perfect remote control.

Mi MIX 4 is equipped with 120W wired second charge and 50W wireless second charge, which improves the charging speed again. In the fast mode, the wired second charge can be fully charged in 15 minutes, and the wireless second charge can be fully charged in 28 minutes.

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