Mi 12 looks like this? Xiaomi’s latest appearance patent exposed

According to previous news, Xiaomi’s next annual flagship Xiaomi Mi 12 series will come earlier than in the past, and may officially debut in mid-December. Recently, relevant news about the aircraft is also endless.

Xiaomi mobile phone recently published a brand new design patent, which shows that this solution uses the rare centering rear camera solution, which is similar to the rear fingerprint design used by Android phones a few years ago, and the overall look is very retro. According to the picture, in this design, the main camera will be wrapped in a huge circle, and there is also a square periscope telephoto camera below, which looks very much like the rear fingerprint module of the previous Android machine.

As for the front design, the overall design still inherits the opening plan in the upper left corner of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, but the frame is very surprising. The four sides are obviously narrower than before, especially the left and right sides are almost invisible. The chin The control is also very good, and the screen visual experience of the real machine should be very shocking. Although this is only a design patent at present, given that it is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi 11 solution, it is likely to be officially applied on the iterative model Xiaomi 12 series. Earlier news said that the machine will be released in mid-December at the earliest.

It is reported that the appearance of the Mi 12 series will also usher in general. It will abandon the four-curved design widely used this year and replace it with a more concise and beautiful hyperboloid solution, and the curvature will be relatively small, similar to micro-curved surfaces, which can greatly guarantee the display effect. Not to be affected, but also to take care of the feel. At the same time, the borders on the four sides of the screen will be further compressed, the screen-to-body ratio will be further increased, and the small opening in the center will bring a very shocking visual effect. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mi 12 will also be further upgraded in terms of screen quality. At present, there are many rumors that it will be equipped with an LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen, which can achieve an adaptive refresh rate adjustment function of 1-120Hz, which can be used according to the scene. Self-switching takes into account the needs of high refresh rate and low power consumption.

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