Large suction power and long battery life-Dreame V10 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The most important function of a vacuum cleaner is its strong suction power, which can effectively and immediately clean dust or cat litter and cat hair scattered on the ground. People who have had pets know that the most feared thing in life is how to suck the leftover cat litter. With cat fur on the ground, Dreame V10 wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a new generation of 100,000 rpm high-speed brushless motor, vacuum suction can reach 22000Pa, operating power reaches 450W, and has 140AW suction power, which greatly enhances the suction power of dreame V10. It can be said that it is easy to pick up ordinary dust, and it is a piece of cake to clean up deep dust.

The Dreame V10 wireless vacuum cleaner has three suction modes, namely standard mode, high efficiency mode, and strong mode. It has a 2500mAh battery capacity and can be used for up to 60 minutes in standard mode.

Worried about the noise made by the vacuum cleaner? Dreame V10 is equipped with a new Gedebao noise reduction composite cotton, which can effectively isolate noise. The overall body design has also been treated with noise reduction design, including optimizing the exhaust pipe to reduce the exhaust volume, and equipped with a brushless motor to reduce the speed. Friction noise and the close connection of accessories can also reduce jitter noise. It can be said that many optimization designs have been made in the use of goodwill to enhance the user experience.

In addition to the main suction head, Dreame V10’s accessories for various usage scenarios have also been thought out for users. The two-in-one brush is suitable for simple cleaning of sofa surfaces, beds and carriages. Ahui will also use him personally. Easy cleaning of curtains and computer keyboards. The part of the two-in-one flat brush can be stretched for use by itself. It is most suitable for cleaning sofa gaps, ceilings, and narrow gaps and corners such as window gaps.

Straight and horizontal flat brushes are more convenient to use with extension hoses. There is no special angle or gap. Dreame V10 can extend more than 30 cm in length (completely a must-have for villagers). It can be matched with Ahui’s height. It is very practical to clean the places up to 200 cm high, such as cleaning the gaps between the cabinets, or the part of the low sofa base. This part of the Ahui family used to clean the gaps on the edges of the TV cabinet is very good.

The Dreame V10 wireless vacuum cleaner has 3 core functions improved this time, including a 100,000 rpm Turbo booster motor, which greatly enhances the suction function, and the battery life of the strong gear mode is also increased by 25%. The SmartCool air-cooled self-adjusting design system can Fast heat dissipation makes the performance of the motor battery configuration more durable, coupled with the high-quality pure white appearance, with this specification and a price of ten thousand yuan, it can be said to be the best choice for a high-CP wireless vacuum cleaner with both internal and external features. — Leading supplier of Xiaomi ecosystem products!

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