Immersive music reading experience, Hisense TOUCH music reader

A book and a pair of headphones are enough for us to spend a leisurely afternoon. Use words to cultivate sentiment and music to soothe the soul. Music can be listened to at any time, but reading is not the case. Paper books are not convenient to carry around and require high light. Many people will choose eye for portability and e-book reader.

  However, the readers on the market often only have the function of reading, which is relatively single. To this end, Hisense launched the music reader TOUCH, which not only has all the functions of an e-book reader, but also integrates a music playback function, which can provide users with a pleasing reading experience.

As a reader product, Hisense TOUC uses a 5.84-inch eye-protecting ink screen. The ink screen conducts content transmission by reflecting light. It does not emit blue light, so there is no blue light hazard. At the same time, the ink screen is not afraid of the external high-brightness environment. The better the light conditions, the better the display effect of Hisense TOUCH.

Hisense TOUCH also uses the flagship decoder chip ES9038+ independent op amp chip ES9603, the decoding part has a distortion rate as low as 0.0008%, and the op amp signal-to-noise ratio is as high as 122dB. It has ultra-high thrust and ultra-low distortion performance, and can present the ultimate music quality.

TOUCH has a built-in reading light, which can quickly identify the reading environment the reader is in, accurately match the appropriate light source, make the screen brightness softer and display more delicate

The screen is like reading a paper book, the eyes are not tired from reading for a long time, providing a healthy and comfortable reading experience

In terms of appearance and portability, Hisense TOUCH has also done an excellent job. Compared with traditional reader products, Hisense TOUCH has a narrower frame width. The 4.52mm narrow frame design and straight frame design make the body more delicate and convenient for one-handed operation. The extreme thickness of 7mm and the weight of 155 grams ensure the portability of the machine while ensuring an excellent grip.

In terms of other configurations, Hisense TOUCH is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core processor, 4 +128 large storage specifications, UFS high-speed flash memory, and the equipped USB-C structure also supports USB3.1 to meet the normal use needs of users. In addition, it also has a 3000mAh capacity battery, with a low-power ink screen to ensure long battery life, and with 18W safe fast charging, it can also relieve users from battery anxiety.

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