Dreame V16 New Released! 160,000 RPM More Powerful Suction!

Recently, Dreame Technology, the world’s leading smart home appliance manufacturer, launched a new generation of flagship wireless vacuum cleaner V16, equipped with a 160,000 rpm high-speed motor, with a powerful suction power of 650W, and with surging power, it brings a new “extremely clean” cleaning experience.

The Dreame Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V16 can suck up fine dust deep into the gap, and it can also be wet wiped powerfully. The dual-disc counter-rotating ground suction head can simulate the action of hand rubbing the ground, achieve 130 high-speed rotations per minute, and generate strong friction with the ground. With a 200ml large water tank, it can dissolve various stubborn dirt on the ground in minutes.

The endurance performance is also top-notch, equipped with seven 2700mAh large-capacity batteries and a high-efficiency energy management system. The longest endurance can reach 85 minutes, providing continuous and strong power output. In addition, Dreame Wireless Vacuum Cleaner V16 also provides users with three cleaning modes: heavy dirt and heavy suction, light dirt and light suction. The cleaning mode can be freely selected according to the degree of dirt on the ground, and you can switch with one button. It is worth mentioning that the connecting rod of Dreame V16 is made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber with a carbon content of more than 95%. This material is also widely used in the aerospace field. This makes the V16 connecting rod feel lighter than the metal rod material, and the dust removal and cleaning at high places becomes easier and effortless.

In terms of controllability, I think the Dreame wireless vacuum cleaner V16 is also relatively simple. The LCD high-definition interactive screen designed on the fuselage can clearly show the working status of the machine during the day and night, such as remaining battery reminder, suction mode, locked working status, Failure prompts and so on. In particular, the three cleaning modes provided can be directly switched with one key, so that even the elderly at home can easily use it.

In the “Family Portrait” of Dreame V16, there are many accessory configurations, including bottom adapter, lighting gap suction, extension hose, soft brush, electric mite removal brush, double-disc wiping suction head, two-in-one flat suction and many more. Whether it is a working family, a pet family, or a cute baby family facing various cleaning problems, V16 can efficiently deal with and easily solve. It is worth mentioning that Dreame V16 is also equipped with a rear-projection lighting floor brush, and is equipped with an optical sensor. When encountering dark environments such as small corners and gaps, it will automatically illuminate and clean, so that there is no place for dust in dark places such as corners and bed bottoms to hide.

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