2020 New Machine King -Roborock S5 Max

After Roborock launched S6 in 2019 and won the sales champion in all major channels, this year we will continue to work hard to bring consumers the 2020 brand new flagship model Roborock S5 Max!

S5 Max has added a new “constant voltage controlled water tank”. In addition to having a larger water tank and a new mop stand design, this time it also shows powerful new functions in the APP again. Not only does it have the original partition cleaning function, each You can also set the suction power and the amount of mopping water separately. This Roborock S5 Max also won the award of the German iF Design Award in 2020!

LDS laser navigation is one of the more mainstream navigation systems for sweeping robots, and the map positioning is quite accurate. Roborock S5 Max uses LDS laser radar sensor SLAM mapping system. Evolving to S5 Max, the materials used for the module are as exquisite as the second-generation Roborock S6, which is still popular; Texas Instruments produces a DSP digital signal processor, which is matched with the Mabuchi LDS laser motor scanning environment.

The raised laser assembly of the LDS allows the overall height to reach 9.65cm, but the advantage in exchange is that the map creation is very efficient and the sensing distance is also very wide. 9.65cm is not too thick, it can still shuttle under a shorter cabinet or sofa, and will actively avoid obstacles and sweep it away completely. Compared with the Mijia 1C, which uses the “OV Visual Navigation System”, which is a full-plane laser radar without protrusions, the S5 Max’s LDS laser radar detects obstacles faster and has a higher drawing efficiency.

Open the top cover to see the dust box, cleaning brush, and Wi-Fi indicator. Roborock S5 Max comes in two colors, “black” and “white”. The dust box of the Roborock S5 Max has a total capacity of 460ml, which can load a lot of dirt and garbage. The entire dust box and filter are washable, so make sure to dry them before continuing to use them.

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